How to Spot Fake Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Solution

Kirkland 5% minoxidil solution has really evolved over the past couple of years. An area in which we have noticed a significant number of changes is the packaging.

Changes in the packaging have led to widespread confusion within the minoxidil community, with many questioning the authenticity of their product.

This article documents some of the things we have learnt about kirkland minoxidil over the years.



Original Kirkland minoxidil should cause some slight itchiness and irritation where applied. This is especially true when the area of application is not kept moisturised or oiled.

Counterfeit kirkland minoxidil does not cause as much itchiness and drying.


Original Kirkland minoxidil should be of an oily texture. When on the skin, it should create a shine in the area of application which is very visible under the sun.

Counterfeit Kirkland minoxidil is less oily and will more or less be like water when applied.


The colour of original kirkland minoxidil should have a yellow shade. In counterfeit bottles, this colour tends to be almost clear with a slight hint of yellow.

It's hard to spot, but with a side to side comparison, the clear difference is visible. 


Original kirkland minoxidil should have the scent of alcohol (vodka to be specific). This scent should have a denseness to it which lingers in your nose for a bit.

The scents from the fake kirkland minoxidil is also of alcohol but is a lot lighter. The scent will be easier to breath in and almost smell a bit fresher.


The bottom of yeh bottle of original kirkland minoxidil should have two dents. The fake bottles, will be smooth.


These fake batches of Kirkland minoxidil are most likely being manufactured in China and contain a lower quality of the 5% minoxidil. It's still minoxidil, but will be less effective than original kirkland minoxidil.

At this point, distinguishing authenticity through packaging is very hard since counterfeit packaging is almost identical but if you look at these five aspects above, you'll be able to distinguish between an original and counterfeit bottle.

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