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L'Oreal Abagabo Bahanga Imisatsi Yabagabo

L'Oreal Abagabo Bahanga Imisatsi Yabagabo

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Ifata fibre yimisatsi mumwanya

L'Oreal abagabo b'inzobere mu gutera imisatsi y'abagabo ni ultra-ikomeye ifata spray yo kugumisha imisatsi yawe. Irashobora gukoreshwa kumisatsi migufi, iringaniye, kandi ndende. Iyi formula ya spray imara amasaha 48. Koresha kugirango ufunge imisatsi kugirango ube amazi, umuyaga nizuba.

Koresha nka spray irangiza hejuru yimisatsi isanzwe


  • Nibyiza kubagabo bakoresha fibre yimisatsi
  • Kumara amasaha 48
  • Hagarika umusatsi wawe kandi ukomere

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