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Got2b Yometseho Guturika Gukonjesha

Got2b Yometseho Guturika Gukonjesha

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Ifata kandi ikomeza imisatsi yimisatsi

Got2b yometseho spray nuburyo bwiza bwo gufata spray yo gufata no kubungabunga imisatsi mumwanya. Irema ikintu gikomeye cyane kizakomeza kugeza shampoo yawe itaha.

Igumisha wig mu mwanya

Koresha iyi spray yo guturika kugirango uhambire wigs ahantu. Ibyiza mubyiciro byamasomo agumisha wig yawe neza kandi mukibanza.

Ikora fibre yimisatsi umuyaga, amazi nizuba birwanya

Nibyiza kubika fibre yimisatsi mumwanya bigatuma amazi yumuyaga arwanya izuba. Iyi spray igomba kuba ifite abadamu bakoresha fibre yimisatsi. Fibre izaba ihari hamwe na bike kugirango itagwa kugeza umusatsi wawe wogejwe.


  • Hagarika umusatsi wawe kandi ukomere
  • Nibyiza byo gufata wigs
  • Gukomera cyane spray kumasoko
  • Gufata neza spray kumisatsi yimisatsi

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